Biophysical Society Meeting Posters

Details of BPS posters.


Hybrid MD/spectroscopic refinement of heterogeneous conformational ensembles. Poster at the 63rd BPS Meeting in Baltimore, MD.


Simulation-Guided Selection of Spectroscopic Experiments to Refine Highly Flexible Protein Structures BPS 62nd Annual Meeting in San Francisco, CA.


A Simulation-Guided Method to Select Optimal DEER Experiments to Refine Highly Flexible Conformational Ensembles. BPS Thematic Meeting in Berlin, Germany.

Guiding Double Electron Electron Resonance Experiments using Information Theory and Molecular Dynamics Simulations. BPS 61st Annual Meeting in New Orleans, LA.


Probing Conformational Equilibria in Flexible Recognition by Molecular Dynamics and EPR. BPS 60th Annual Meeting in Los Angeles, CA.